Discounts and Cancellations

Policy as of January, 2007

ETC certified permaculturists and Gaia University Associates receive 10% off all courses and apprenticeships.

Local residents (any county touching Lewis County) receive 20% off all courses and apprenticeships.

Immersion Apprentices receive 40% and Fellows and regular Apprentices receive 20% off of all courses (only applicable within the same year)

If you register and pay in full 15 days before:

Register and pay 30 days in advance and receive an extra 10% discount.

Receive 10% off for registering a full-paying friend.  May register up to 10 friends, or up to the total price of the course.

Course Deposits:  All deposits are non-refundable

Course Cost/person

Required Deposit

Less than equal to $50


Less than equal to $125


Less than equal to $300


Less than equal to $500


Less than equal to $750


Less than equal to$1000


Over $1000


In the case of cancellation, there is no refund unless registration was prepaid in full (refund is price minus deposit)

+90 day Cancelation Refund

60-89 day Cancelation Refund

30-59 day Cancelation Refund

15-29 day Cancelation Refund

10-14 day Cancelation Refund

5-9 day Cancelation Refund

0-4 day Cancelation Refund


100% cash back

90% cash back


100% towards future course

80% cash back


90% towards future course

70% cash back


80% towards future course

60% cash back or

70% towards future course

50% cash back or

60% towards future course

40% cash back or

50% towards future course

In the case of life or death events of guest or loved one – refund is 80% cash back or 90% towards another course



All apprentices must pay $200 deposit to reserve space once they have been approved for admission to the program. That is nonrefundable but can be placed towards another course or apprenticeship in the future if you cancel. Balance due at arrival. If you attend and leave within the program, that week's $200 is nonrefundable, along with 20% of the remaining apprenticeship balance.

For additional questions please write or call:

Ecovillage Training Center
The Farm
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