Summertown, Tennessee, USA

The Eco-Hostel at The Farm

A Hippie Heritage Hotel

Our rustic eco-hostel is located within the center of The Farm,
one of the nation's most successful intentional communities. It is in the heart of the
Ecovillage Training Center, and home to Gaia University.

Our Open Season extends from April through October, except for dates of immersion workshops and special group reservations.

Please contact us in advance for reservations.

Features and Amenities

The hostel is a converted multi-family dwelling from the early days of the Farm, originally constructed from scrap Army tents and recycled windows, lumber and nails. Every effort is made to retain a sense of authenticity, except that kerosine lighting has been replaced by CFLs and LEDs and there is now indoor plumbing.

The two dormitories, three private bedrooms, one cabin and a campground provide a rustic but comfortable lodging experience in keeping with The Farm's historic character.

Food is grown on site in a large demonstration organic garden.

On-site power is provided in part by a large solar electric array. Hot water comes from SunWing arrays.

Buildings and grounds provide examples of sustainable design: recycled and native materials, dome, strawbale and cob buildings, edible landscaping, herb spirals, ponds, catchments, rainwater cisterns and drip irrigation.

Toxic materials are not used inside the building or on the grounds. No pets are allowed. Everything is recycled.

Dining may be available at the hostel or, for larger groups, through a prior catering arrangement with the Farm Community Center. Cuisine features Southern vegan specialties and Two-thirds World favorites.

The nearby Farm Community Conference Center can comfortably cater for 150 guests.

Our outdoor decks and large yard are ideal for receptions.

Guided hikes on our Nature trails extend for miles. Wild mushrooming is especially good in season.

Pickup service from the Nashville Greyhound Depot and the Nashville International Airport is available at a reasonable rate.

Close to historic sites, including Meriwether Lewis gravesite, Natchez Trace, David Crockett State Park, Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, James K. Polk's home, Natural Bridge, and the scenic Buffalo River.

Special packages are available for meetings, celebrations, weekends, and work exchange. We offer customized retreats for individuals or groups. These weekend getaways provide vegan menus, massage, inner self work, movement, art-in-nature, personal trainers, bike trails, and customized courses to suit your needs. Learn skills to be healthy!

Rates begin at only $14 per night, in season.

Wheelchair access provided. Language translation services can be arranged. Bring rain gear, swim gear, comfortable walking shoes, and flashlight.

The Ecohostel is reserved during large courses such as Permaculture, Natural Buildings and Ecovillage Design. Please check our calendar for dates or call for reservations.

Come with us on a tour of the Inn.

The Farm EcoHostel

A Hippie Heritage Hotel
184 Schoolhouse Road
P.O. Box 90
Summertown Tennessee 38483-0090
tel: 1-931-964-4474
fax: 1-931-964-2200
ecovillage at thefarm dot org

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