The Farm

Summertown, Tennessee, USA

Stephen Gaskin



GASKIN, Stephen F. 1935-2014

PERSONAL: Born February 16, 1935, in Denver, Colo.; son of Enzell Floyd (a builder) and Carolyn Ruth (Carter) Gaskin; married Carol Groves, 1957 (divorced, 1959); married Carol Ladas, 1961 (divorced, 1964); married Margaret Nofziger, 1967 (divorced, 1975); married Ina May Middleton (midwife and author), 1976; children: Dana (second marriage), Eva Marie, Samuel, Paul Benjamin, Floyd.

Education: San Francisco State College (now University), B.A. (cum laude), 1962, M.A., 1964.

Politics: "Beatnik"

Religion: "Hippy."

ADDRESSES: Home -- 41, The Farm, Summertown, TN 38483. Office -- The Birth Gazette, 42, The Farm, Summertown, TN 38483.

San Francisco State College (now University), San Francisco, Calif., instructor in Creative Writing and General Semantics, 1964-66;

Monday Night Class 1967 /1970 a weekly meeting of up to a thousand or fifteen hundred people where politics, religion, acid, sex, love, etc were discussed openly.

Convenor of the Caravan, a speaking tour of the United States with engagements in 42 states with a Caravan of 50 School buses and forty or so other vehicles and up to 400 hippies. We were the largest hippy community in the US before we parked in Tennessee.. Oct 12,1970 -Sept, 1971,

Founder of The Farm Community at one time the largest hippy community in the world and still one of the most significant, Summertown, TN, and early director of the Farm community.

Founder and first Chairman of the Board of Directors of Plenty International, an Overseas Relief and Development Company that helped rebuild 1200 houses and put in 27 kilometers of water pipe in Guatemala and Clinics in Lesotho and southern Mexico as well as many other projects on four continents including the Jefferson Award winning South Bronx Ambulance project in New York City.

Tennessee State Penitentiary one to three-year sentence for grass, 1974.

General Manager and Production Director, The Birth Gazette (Midwife quarterly).

Writer, Lecturer and "hands on" father of three at home.

Founder of new Not-for-Profit Development and Intelligence Corporation"Rocinante", named for Don Quixote's horse.

MILITARY SERVICE: U.S. Marine Corps, 1952-55; Saw Combat in Korea 1953/1954.

COMPUTER LITERACY: Commodore 64/128, Tandy Model 100 laptop, Macintoshes and Powerbooks of all varieties.

The Golden Bolt Award, from The Farm Motor Pool, 1978;
First Right Livelihood Award from the Right Livelihood Foundation, 1980.

WRITINGS: 40 Miles of Bad Road, (Group of Short Stories for Master's Thesis San Francisco State College),1964.
Monday Night Class, (Spiritual Rap), Book Farm, Bookworks, 1970.
The Caravan, (Spiritual Rap), Book Farm, Bookworks, 1972.
(Editor) Hey Beatnik! This Is The Farm Book, (Farm History) The Book Publishing Co., 1974.
The Grass Case, (U.S. Supreme Court Brief) co-authored with Albert Bates and Joel Kachinsky, The Book Publishing Co., 1975.
...This Season's People, (Spiritual Rap), The Book Publishing Co., 1976.
Volume One: Sunday Morning Services on The Farm, (Spiritual Rap), The Book Publishing Co., 1977.
Mind At Play, (Spiritual and Political Rap), The Book Publishing Co., 1979.
Amazing Dope Tales and Haight Street Flashbacks, (Oral History), The Book Publishing Co., 1980.
Rendered Infamous, (Politics, Autobiography), The Book Publishing Co., 1981.
ON TAPE: Hundreds of Audio and Video tapes of Sunday Morning services and Monday Night Classes from 1967 to 1989 as well as road gigs.

IN HIS OWN WORDS: Community, and the Farm in particular, was one of those things which I had no Idea would take over my life and mind as it did, along with Midwifery and Vegetarianism but it is the case. Back in San Francisco when a few hippies got together the conversation often turned to dreams of land and community. Going to the land seemed like the natural progression of the whole hippy movement.

The Farm is not organized according to any a priori Political or Religious philosophy beyond that derived by the Hippies. We are a community of people who are dedicated to living together in peace and helping out by example and direct work to bring the world back in balance.

We are three hundred people and three square miles of land that we consider liberated territory. I think the Farm remains a force after these two decades because we have been generalists (a la Bucky Fuller) and not afraid of change. The way we work has always involved a lot of talking and arguing through many forms and committees. We currently have a seven person board that is elected for three year terms. I am not now and have never been a member of this board.


Computers, old Volvos, messing around with my native country.

Gallery lounge San Francisco State College, San Francisco, California, every Monday for two years, February, 1967 to December 16, 1968.
Glide Methodist Church, San Francisco, twelve Mondays, December 23,1968 to March 10, 1969.
Straight 'Theater, San Francisco, nine Mondays, March 17 to May 19,1969.
Family Dog, San Francisco, thirty-three Mondays, May 26, 1969 to October 12, 1970.
Family Dog, Lindley Meadow and Pompano Beach, San Francisco, every Sunday morning for eleven months, October, 1969 to October11,1970.
Mount 'Tamalpais, San Francisco, six Sundays, 1969.
KPFA Interview, San Francisco, November, 1969.
Oracle Interview , San Francisco, Fall, 1969.
Whole Earth Fair, Boulder, Colorado, July, 1970.
KIMN Radio Interviews (two), Boulder, Colorado, July, 1970.
California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, California, September 22,1970.
The Caravan Mt. Angel College, Sublimity, Oregon, October 16,1970.
Sunday Service, roadside, North Dakota, October 25,1970.
St. Stephen's School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 31, 1970.
Grinnel College, (,Grinnel, lowa, November 3, 1970.
River City Free 'Trade Zone, Iowa City, lowa, November 5, 1970.
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, November 8, 1970.
Ann Arbor Drug Help Group, Ann Arbor, Michigan, November 11,1970.
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, November 11 and 12, 1970.
Canterbury House, Ann Arbor, Michigan, November 13,1970.
Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, November 16,1970.
University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, November 17,1970.
Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont, November 22,1970.
Burlingame State Park, Providence, Rhode Island, November 29, 1970.
University of Rhode Island, Providence, Rhode Island, November 29,1970.
Mademoiselle Magazine Interview, November, 1970.
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, November 30,1970.
Union Square, New York City, New York, December 6, 1970.
State University of New York, Stony Brook, New York, December 8, 1970.
Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, December 12,1970.
Haverford College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 15,1970.
Channel 29 Television, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 16,1970.
Curtis Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 17,1970.
Washington Monument, Sunday Morning Service, Washington, D.C., December 26, 1970.
CBS-TV, Washington, D.C., December 27,1970.
All Souls Unitarian Church, Washington, D.C., December 27, 1970.
The Aurora, Atlanta, Georgia, January 2,1971.
Edgehill Methodist Church, Nashville, Tennessee, January 6,1971.
First Unitarian Church, Nashville, Tennessee, January 10,1971.
WSM Radio, Nashville, Tennessee, January 8,1971.
WSM-TV, Nashville, Tennessee, January 8,1971.
Face to Face Magazine, Nashville, Tennessee, January 8,1971.
Roadside Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee, January 10, 1971.
Monday Night Class, Columbia, Missouri, January 11,1971.
University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, January 12, 1971.
Kansas City, Missouri, January 14, 1971.
Channel 6 TV, Tulsa, Oklahoma, January 17,1971.
Channel 8 TV, Tulsa, Oklahoma, January 17,1971.
Boulder, Colorado, January 24, 1971.
Roadside meetings, Kansas, New Mexico, California, January-February,1971.
Sutro Park, San Francisco, California, February, 3, 1971, February 10, 1971.
Family Dog, San Francisco, February, 1971.
Fort Bragg, California, February 17,1971.
Panther Flat, California, February 27,1971.
Route 80, Utah, March 4, 1971.
Pegram, Tennesse, March 28, 1971 and April 1, 1971.
Nob Lick, Kentucky, May 5, 1971.
Marianna, Arkansas, May, 1971.
Bear Creek Lakes Park, Arkansas, May 6, 1971.

The Farm, Summertown Tennessee, October 2, 1971.
Sunday Services over fifty meetings.
WLAC Channel 5 TV, Nashville, Tennessee, November, 1971.
Universily of Georgia, Athens Georgia, November 15, 1971.
Here Comes the Sun Interview, Columbia, Tennessee, December 17, 1971.
Inner Sanctum, Columbia, Tennessee, December 17, 1971.
Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, January 15, 1972.
Antioch College Yellow Springs, Ohio, February 15 and 16, 1972.
Channel 5 WLAC TV, Nashville, April 19, 1972.
Radio Interview, Nashville April 19, 1972.
Class on Drugs and Society, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, May 2, 1972.
Hot Mama's, Memphis, Tennessee May 8, 1972.
New York Times Interview, Summertown, Tennessee, May 12, 1972.
Cindy Adams Show, Monitor Radio, New York, New York, June 30, 1972.
Casper Citron Show, Radio, New York, New York, June 30, 1972.
Arlington Street Church, Boston, Massachusetts, July 1, 1972.
Symposium on Drugs Vanderbilt University, Nashville, July 3, 1972.
Channel 3 Cable TV Interview, Florence, Alabama, July 21, 1972.
Ulliversity of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, August 4, 1972.
Daytona Beach Florida, September 9, 1972.
University of Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama, September 17, 1972.
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, October 3, 1972.
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, October 9, 1972.
University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, October 9 and 10, 1972.
KZEL, FM Radio, Portland, Oregon, October 12, 1972.
KQIV-FM Radio, Portland Oregon, October 12, 1972.
Seward Park, Seattle, Washington October 14, 1972.
Fairhaven College, Bellingham, Washington October 15 1972.
Fortwright College, Spokane Washington October 17, i972.
Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 22, 1972.
University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, October 25, 1972.
University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois, October 27, 197Z.
Victoria Opera House, Dayton, Ohio, October 29,1972.
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, October 30,1972.
Peoples' Ballroom, Ann Arbor, Michigan, November 3,1972.
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, November 4,1972.
Charles Street Meeting Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, November 8,1972.
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, November 10,1972.
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, November 11, 1972.
Columbia University, New York City, New York, November 13, 1972.
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 17,1972.
Hall of Nations, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., November 18,1972.
University of North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina, November 21,1972.
Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, February 10,1973.
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, February 23,1973.
Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia, March 4,1973.
Lowry Park, Tampa, Florida, March 8,1973.
University of Florida, Tallahassee, Florida, March 9,1973.
New Orleans, Louisiana, March 13,1973.
Jackson, Mississippi, March 14,1973.
Avondale Park, Birmingham, Alabama, March 18,1973.
Highland Park, Meridian, Mississippi, April 6,1973.
University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, April 7,1973.
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, April 13,1973.
University of Alabama at Huntsville, Alabama, April 22, 1973.
Class on Drugs and Society, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, April 26,
1973. WSAC Radio, Fort Knox, Kentucky, May 1,1973.
WTAL Radio, Lee Masters' Show, Louisville, Kentucky, May 2,1973.
WHAS-TV, Louisville, Kentucky, May 2,1973,
Memorial Auditorium, Louisville, Kentucky, May 2,1973.
University of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana, May 4,1973.
J. Q. Hoggs Hall, Indianapolis, Indiana, May 7,1973.
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, May 11,1973.
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, May 13,1973.
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 14,1973.
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 18,1973.
Rippey's Orchard, Ames, lowa, May 20, 1973.
Awareness-ln-Action Drug Counseling Group, Omaha, Nebraska, May 21,1973.
Elmwood Park, Omaha, Nebraska, May 22,1973.
Cosmos Park, Columbia, Missouri, May 25,1973.
University City, Carbondale, Illinois, May 28, 1973.
WMC Radio, Memphis, Tennessee, May 30, 1973.
Overton Park, Memphis, Tennessee, May 30,1973.
WLAC-TV, Nashville, Tennessee, July 7,1973.
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, July 9,1973.
WSM-TV, Nashville, Tennessee, July 10,1973.
Pacifica Foundation Network, Washington D.C., July 12,1973.
United States Information Service, Washington D.C., August 2,1973.
NBC Network News, New York, August 12,1973.
Civic Auditorium, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, August 12,1973.
WAAN Radio, Waynesboro, Tennessee, August 24,1973.
WLAC-TV, Stan Siegal Show, Nashville, Tennessee, September, 1,1973.
Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, September 8,1973.
Swope Park, Kansas City, Missouri, September 9,1973.
KRNW-FM Radio, Boulder, Colorado, September 14,1973.
City Bandshell, Boulder, Colorado, September 16,1973.
Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, Utah, September 18,1973.
KCPX-TV, Salt Lake City, Utah, September 19,1973.
KTIM-FM Radio, San Rafael, California, September 20,1973.
South Side Park, Sacramento, California, September 22.1973.
KXTV-TV, Sacramento, California, September 22,1973.
Golden Gate Park Bandshell, San Francisco, California, September 24, 1973.
UCLA, Los Angeles, California, September 29, 1973.
California State, San Diego, California, September 30, 1973.
Randolph Park, Tucson Arizona, October 3,1973.
KOVA-TV, Tucson, Arizona, October 3,1973.
KWFM FM Radio, Tucson, Arizona, October 3,1973.
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, October 5,1973.
University of Texas, El Paso, Texas, October 7,1973.
KRMH FM Radio, Austin, Texas, October 10,1973.
University of Texas, Austin, Texas, October 12,1973.
WLAC-TV, Nashville, Tennessee, October 15,1973.
WLAC Radio, Nashville, Tennessee, October 15,1973.
University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas, October 15,1973.
WLAC Radio, Nashville, Tennessee, October 19,1973.
WLAC Radio Probe, Nashville, Tennessee, October 22,1973.
Cosmos Club, Amsterdam, Netherlands, January, 1974.
Christopher Hills Ashram, London, England, January, 1974.
WSM-Radio, Nashville, Tennessee, January 31,1974.
WSM-TV, Nashville, Tennessee, January 31,1974.
Lions Club, Columbia, Tennessee, February 14,1974.
WKSR Radio, Pulaski, Tennessee, February 20,1974.
WNGE-TV, Nashville, Tennessee, February 23,1974.
NBC-TV, Tomorrow Show, March 27,1974.
There are many more Gigs in this series that are not run down and entered

July 1989 -1992 Nashville: Monday Night Class at Windows on the Cumberland once a month for 2 years
Nov 12 1989, New age Renaissance fair San Jose CA Dec 28, 1989 Wlac Radio Nashville May 4,1990 Davis Whole Earth Sacremento CA
Sept 15 , 1990 Stephen gig at opening of Albert Hoffman Library Los Angeles CA
Sept 18 , 1990 Talk at Esalan Big Sur CA
Nov 18, 1990 New Age Renassaince Fair San Jose
Feb 2 1991 Bridge Conference Stanford University CA
Feb 1991 New Dimensions Interview Syndicated to 600 NPR Stations
Oct 1991 Stephen at Findhorn Speaking on Abundance
June 2 1992 Santa Cruz CA
Nov 14 1992 Stephen New Age Renassaince Fair San Jose CA
Oct 26 1993 College gig, 300 people, Salisbury state, Maryland
Nov 7 1993 New Age Renaissance Fair San Jose CA
April 21 1994, Gig for Albert Bates at the Eco village on the Farm Summertown TN
April 24 1994 Gig in Columbia for Earth Day, Columbia MO
April 27 1994 Radio gig with Roy of Hollywood Los Angeles CA
April 28 1994 Gig 3 times at Gathering of Minds (A Conference put up by Psychedelic Illuminations Magazine)
Nov 12 1994 New Age Renaissance Fair San Jose CA
Nov 18 1994, Portland OR Gig with a couple of hundred people and Interview on KBOO
Nov 23, 1994, Seattle WA Gig set up by the Seattle Peace Heathens 200 people
Interview on KAOS and Listener supported station
Nov 27, 1994 Gig Benefit for Central American Refugees, Vancouver British Columbia
Dec 3 1994 Santa Cruz CA Gig with local hippies

Feb 23 1995 Gig in Akron at Gabe Campbell's Church Gabe is a liberal Minister who writes books on "Right Brain, Left Brain" OH
Feb 25 1995 Winter Star is a large, week long conference of about 2000 people, "Service as Revolution" is the topic of my talk OH
April 13, 1995 WBAI Radio, New York City
April 17, 1995 WORT Radio Madison Wisconsin
April 21 1995 University of Wisconsin
July 18-23 1995 Starwood a large, week long conference of about 2500 people, 40 minutes east of Eire PA
November 1995 Invited to be a Host at the Cannibis Cup in Amsterdam and do story telling evening

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