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The Farm
The Permaculture Activist
The Permaculture Trading Post
Switch to Solar Power the Easy Way
Hire a Solar Techie
The Permaculture Blog
Patterns for Abundance Design & Consulting
Association for Regenerative Culture
Alliance for a Post-Petroleum Local Economy
Bloomington Permaculture Guild
The Permaculture Trding Post
Bioregional Congress
The Center for Conservation Biology
AltaVista Technology, Inc.
Starting Point
Permaculture International Journal
Permaculture Frequently Asked Questions
W. Edwards Deming
The Informal Credit Homepage
Environmental Information Sources on the Internet
Light Writings

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Transformation and Visioning

Transformation Metaphors (I Ching): Dialogue / Policy / Network
Search Project Bartleby
Haiku contest winners
Gary Snyder


The Gaia Trust
Intentional Cmty: List
Communities Directory : A Guide to Cooperative Living
Hart Environmental Data
Eco-Rating Home Page
The New Bottom Line
Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
The Farm
Ocean Arks International |
Sustainable Communities Network
Kookaburra Park Eco-Village
Eco-Village Information Service
Dreamtime Village & Xexoxial Endarchy
Finca La Mohea
Ecolink Village
Village Habitat Design
Green Neighborhoods
Block Parties
Compassionate Souls: childrearing
Pangia Permaculture Homestead and Resource Center

Permaculture Sites

The Permaculture Activist
Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute
Permaculture Resources at CSF
Michael's Recommended Reading List
Introduction to Permaculture
Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center
Native American Permaculture At Tesuque Pueblo
Permaculture Internet Resources
"What is Permaculture?" by Kirby Fry
Permaculture Resources
Permaculture Drylands Institute
Thilo Pfennig's Permaculture Page
Central Valley Permaculture Group
LC Permaculture Visions' Permaculture Links Page
Permaculture Resources at sunSITE, U.N.C., Chapel Hill, NC
Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, Email
Institute for Bioregional Studies
International Permaculture Institute (Australia)
Permaculture Global Assistance Network (Australia)
Permaculture in South Australia - "What's Happening "
British Permaculture Magazine/Permanent Publications
PermaWeb in Great Britain
Permaculture Institute of Northern California
April Sampson-Kelly's LC Permaculture Visions
Santa Fe Institute
Sustainable Earth Electronic Library
Sego Jackson - Permaculture
Permaculture Hot Spots


CNN - Weather: World Forecasts
MCC - Recent Climate Maps
Climatology and Meteorology
Don't Panic Eat Organic
Pete's Pond Page
The Krib (Aquaria and Tropical Fish)
Aquaria Web Pages
CHOP: Genus: Tilapia
Publications: Fishery: Tilapia: Texas Agri. Extension Service
Forest Products Laboratory Home Page
Friends of the Trees
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Werner M. Gysi - "Harmonic Farming: a love style"
Domestic Water Treatment Methods Information
Hatching and Brooding Small Numbers of Chicks
G08351 Brooding and Rearing Chicks for the Family Flock
THE COOP...chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, waterfowl & gamebirds.
Poultry Page
Poultry Classified Ads
- Keyline Designs - Water for Every Farm -
Weeds of the World Project
Cedar Meadow Farm - notill vegetables
Shiitake Logs
Mushroom Growing Tools and Publications
Shiitake, Oyster, Lions Mane and other Gourmet Spawn
How to Grow Morels
Mushrooms Informed Compliance Publication
KasugaiªShiitake Mushrooms
Visionary Plants
Botany, Gardening, Farming, Horticulture, Landscaping Sites"
Natural Buildings for Natural Gardeners"
Fruit & Nut Trees for Your Permacultured Home"
Plants Publishing Web
Designing Edible Landscapes"
List of Plant Catalogs"
Books That Work Complete Guide to Garden Stuff"
The Virtual Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory at Purdue University"
The Edible Pond and Bog Garden
CCT Water and Wastewater Treatment
The Sustainable Farming Connection
International Plant Genetic Resources Institute
Heathcote Intentional Community
Frits v/d Laan's (Gouda, Netherlands) Organic Gardening Page
A Homeowner's Guide To Organic Growing
Awesome Organic CyberGarden
The Duckweed Clearinghouse Home Page
Oregon Tilth ["Nature Is Abundant" online]
IN SEASON - News about farmers markets and locally grown produce
Community Forestry - Treetown - Flora Press
Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
Soil And Health Library
International Institute For Ecological Agriculture
The Permanent Publications PERMACULTURE web site
InterGarden, Natural Agriculture Resources at sunSITE, U.N.C., Chapel
Arizona Biological Control, Inc.
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Farmer to Farmer
Welcome To The Cyber-Farm!
BioDynamic Farming and Gardening Assoc. Home Page
Project BioNetwork
Permakultur Austria
The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
Virtual Orchard
Earthworm Enemies
Annelid Worm Biodiversity Resources
The Lowly Earthworm: The Gardener's Friend
Other Interesting Botany & Ecology WWW Servers
The Burrow
Soil Ecology and Restoration Group (SERG)
Worm World
Pest Management Research Centre
The Small Farm Resource
Our Farm, A Community Supported Agricultural Project
USDA National Agricultural Library
Practical Pollinator Homepage|
Environmental Horticulture, Univ. of Florida
Phil & Janet's (Capetown, South Africa) Gardening Homepage
The Vetiver Grass Network
California Rare Fruit Growers Homepage
Cyndi Johnson's Garden Catalogs list
Beneficial Insects Handbook
The Tele-Garden:
The BioDynamic Association
City Farmer
Mulch-based Agriculture Group


Solstice: Sustainable Energy and Development Online!"
The CREST Guide to Alternative Energy
Solar Components Corp.
CAT Publications List 1997
Solstice: Sustainable Living
Rocky Mountain Institute
DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Astronomy Tutorial: The Big Bang
Big Frog Mountain
The Hubble Deep Field
The Planetary Society Home Page
University of Chicago, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
OAR Cosmology home page
Royal Astronomical Society
SETI Module Home Page
Zap Power Systems


Natural Buildings Courses
Maximum Potential Building Systems.Home
Jan's Cob and Natural Building Web Site
Thin Shell Concrete Domes
American Wood Preservers Institute
PR POST -- Phillips Driscopipe
About Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe
DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network
Green Sources of Construction Materials
Cob Cottage Company - Home Page
Strawbale Mailing List Archive
Timberpeg Typical
Foam Laminates of Vermont Home Page
Sustainable Building Sourcebook
The Ecosa Institute

Water and Wastewater

Oasis Design
Detailed Greywater Chemistry info from Clivus Multrum
Fluid systems
ecobalance by subject
EcoDesign Resources
Greywater and Rainwater use
Greywater Heat Recovery System: GFX
Greywater Wasser Recycling
Greywater Guidelines-Sustainable Building Sourcebook
The RMI Catalog/Water
Greywater: A Recyclable Resource
Topline's Worm Site
Australian Permaculture Information & Design Services
Water Resources Center Archives - UC Berkeley
Environmental Defense Center (Santa Barbara)

Business Resources

GTE SuperPages®: Interactive Yellow Pages
SBIR and STTR Resource Center
UPS Home Page
FedEx Airbill Tracking
Manufacturers List
Corporate Information
MSNBC - The Best of Comdex
Forbes Four Hundred Query Page
Unlisted - Unpublished Telephone Numbers and Other Secrets
AT&T Business Network Home Page
CBA's Useful Business Links
Metals Supplier Online
Agile Manufacturing Home Page
Welcome to Access Business Onlineª
Precision Glass Products Company
SPO Patent Services
The Office of Scientific and Technical Information
Thomas Register


FindLawNet is the Web's leading legal news and information network
Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
United States Patent and Trademark Office
IBM Patent Server Home Page
"All About Trademarks"
GPO Gate at University of California
GPO Gate, Search United States Code
GPO Gate, Search, Code of Federal Regulations
The Reference Desk
Office of Research Services Home Page
Framework Convention on Climate Change
Environment and Development Negotiations
ECO -- The Climate Action Network Online
Smoke & Mirrors Excerpt
Libertarian Party Headquarters


The Energy Foundation
NNG Common Grant Application
Welcome to The Foundation Center's Home Page
U. S. Foundation and Fundraising Coalitions Resources
Funding Resources
Turner Foundation Home Page
Philanthropy News Digest Home Page
Medium Sized Project Guidelines
Philanthropy & Nonprofit Resources

Travel Planning

Foreign Exchange Rates
+ 1000 cybercafes worldwide - largest list of internet cafes
Americas' Cybercafes
Maps of the World
Cartography (maps) & GIS Resources: Commercial
Cosmos in a Computer Map
The Shell Universe
American Airlines Home Page
Travelocity Home Page
Travelocity air car hotel online reservations
Welcome to Traveloco -- The First Step of Your Journey
Three Best - Low Fare Search Engine
Southwest Airlines Home Gate
PARKNET:The National Park Service Place on the Web
Hotel Bookings
Globalink, Inc. | the leader in language translation software
Guide to Lock Picking

First Nations

Site-tations: First Nations of Turtle Island
Treaty Productions Homepage
Turtle Island Links
Huichol Survival

News and Views

The Dallas Morning News
AJR/NewsLink Issue of the Week National News
Rainbow Family of Living Light Home Page
The Naval Research Laboratory
The Nature Conservancy
Nature - International weekly journal of science
Science Magazine Online
Global Ideas Bank





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