Albert K. Bates On-line Bibliography

Albert NYC 2006

In Peru, 2003, Mexico 2004, Iceland (with President Grimsson) 2005, NYC 2006, Tennessee 2007 (by Justine Kurland), Copenhagen 2009, Iowa (with Peter Hurst and Danny Day) 2010, Belize 2012, Tennessee 2013, Cuba 2013 (by Isaebella Doherty), Dominican Republic with Biochar Bob Cirino 2015 (by Jeff Wallin)

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Albert blogs at, available for RSS feed, subscription and on Kindle e-book readers. These blogs are frequently syndicated to Energy Bulletin, Permaculture Research Institute, and Culture Change. He tweets at @peaksurfer.

Recent radio clips, YouTube interviews, and podcasts:

Some longer talks, from Michigan's annual Local Futures conference 2009-2011:

Models of Resilience and Regeneration

Life at the Farm

The Cocreative Adventure

Panel with Nicole Foss, KMO, Christian Smith and Aaron Wissner

Albert's Blog can be found as a link from the Great Change website. A profile by Jim Windolf appeared in the April 2007 Green Issue of Vanity Fair. Downloads of many of Albert's presentations can be found on the Great Change website. Albert has been or will be appearing in a number of films, including How to Boil A Frog, Global Warming: Solutions, Forty Years on The Farm, American Commune, and Metamentary.

Brazil, 2007

Albert Bates' latest book, The Biochar Solution: Carbon Farming and Climate Change, was released by New Society Publishers in 2010.

Court Admissions

Some other works by Albert Bates available on-line:


Ecovillage and Sustainable Community

Brazil 2009 Image by Leonide Principe of National Geographic

Politics and Power

Human Rights and Dignity

Contact for speaking engagements:

Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator
Global Village Institute
Phone: 931-964-4474
Fax: 931-964-2200
biochar at thefarm dot org

Albert Bates appeared in 2013 at the following locations:

Punta Gorda, Belize, Feb 18 to March 1, 2013 Permaculture Design Course

Ecoaldea Pachamama, Armenia Colombia March 3-10 Ecovillage Design Course

Short Mountain TN April 18-21, Wild Fermentation Intensive with Sandor Katz

Summertown TN May 22 FIC Conference

Artemas PA May 23-27 Age of Limits Conference

Puyallup, WA June 1 to 2. Mother Earth News Fair

Summertown TN, June 21-22. Carbon Farming Course

Findhorn, Scotland, June 24-30, ICSA Communities Conference

Oslo Norway, Carbon Farming Course, July 5-6

Jarna Sweden July 7-10 Permaculture Design Course.

Jarna Sweden July 11-12 Biochar Stove Course

County Kerry Ireland July 13-22, FEASTA WEEK

Summertown TN July 27 Fermaculture with Sandor Katz

Cloughjordan, Ireland, Aug 9-18 Permaculture Design Course

Summertown, TN August 30th to Sept 3 Biochar Stove Camp

Summertown, TN  Sept 7-8 Southeast Permaculture Convergence

Seven Springs, PA Sept 27-28, Mother Earth News Fair

Kansas City KS Oct 11-13, Mother Earth News Fair

Amherst MA Oct 13-16 US Biochar Conference

Havana Cuba Nov 24-11 International Permaculture Convergence

Humpback sounding, in the Favorite Channel, off Auke Bay, June 2012

Albert Bates appeared in 2014 at the following locations:

Pittsboro NC, Feb 7-9 Abundance Foundation Farming Adapation Conference

Punta Gorda, Belize, Feb 10-22 Permaculture Design Course at Maya Mountain Research Farm

Artemas PA May 22-26 Age of Limits Conference

Artemas PA May 27-29 Biochar Workshop

Harmony Park, Minnesota, Aug 29-31, North American Permaculture Convergence

Kansas City KS Oct 24-25, Mother Earth News Fair

Albert Bates plans to appear in 2015 at the following locations:

Punta Gorda, Belize, Feb 21 to March 6 Permaculture Design Course

Hlioardalsskoli, Iceland, Aug 16-30 Permaculture Design Course

London, England, International Permaculture Conference, Sep 8-9

Gilwell Park, International Permaculture Convergence, Sep 11-16

Seven Springs PA Sep 18-20, Mother Earth News Fair

Pleasant Hill KY, Communal Studies Assn, Oct 1-3

Kansas City KS Oct 24-25, Mother Earth News Fair

Paris, France Nov 29- Dec 15 UN Climate Conference


See too the Ecovillage Training Center web site for regularly scheduled events.