Minutes of the Annual Meeting, July 3, l999

Meeting held at Ecovillage Training Center. Michelle Carratu opened meeting,read minutes of previous meeting. Present were: Frank Michael, Roger Kanies, Howard Switzer, Dennis Lindberg, Albert Bates, Douglas Cobb,Rowland Huddleston, Francesco Casini, Michelle Carratu, Dorothy Bates Dorothy was appointed Secretary pro tem.

Treasurers report: no appeal for funds was made in l998 but $167 was rec’d in dues. Only expense was the $20 corporation fee. Amount in treasury is $737.65, no dues have been rec’d for l999 yet. $90 was collected from members at this meeting. Present possibilities for grants discussed; Tennessee Humanities Council? Dues amount discussed, it was agreed they remain $5 per person a year, $25 per family, $100 for a patron.

A Historical Society brochure is needed to give out at Gate.

Howard said he had a message from Sizwe that he hoped we could save some of “the buses you rolled in on” as these are of great interest to visitors as part of Farm history. Albert said protective paint was needed on bus and truck being preserved at Acorn Falls and ETC, especially on the old band truck. Dennis volunteered for a work party. Frank said community approved budget item to begin work on meeting hall restoration and a sandblaster has been purchased to do a 10 x 10’section of meeting hall roof and maybe can be used in other projects. Saving the old canning and freezing building was discussed - it is boarded up and ready for demolition but has historical value. Group asked Howard to go look at it and see if it would be feasible to restore it and perhaps make it into a little museum to store historic objects.

Resolution: Any Farm structures built before 1983 should not be destroyed or moved without consulting the Farm Historical Society. Changes should occur only with the consensus of the community. After discussion, the resolution passed. Michael Traugot agreed to bring this resolution to the next quarterly meeting of the community.

Discussion of bylaws. Albert reported on 501-c-3. We need to approve the bylaws; he distributed copies of proposed bylaws for members to review, These are modeled on the Plenty bylaws, which have proved effective in 501(c)(3) audit and fundraising.

Could the proposed Farm Archive Trust Society become a standing committee of the Historical Society? There is some similarity in purpose between the proposed FATS and the Property Committee. There is no-one present to represent the views of FATS so the discussion has been tabled. It is suggested everyone review the bylaws in detail and propose any amendments prior to our next meeting.

By unanimous vote, the bylaws are adopted.


Following nominations, a Board of directors is elected: Michelle Carratu and Frank Micheal for a 3 year term, Michael Traugot for 2 years, Roger Kanies and Albert for 1 year. All agreed to serve. It is suggested that the minutes would be sent to Free Press and to Farm Net News so everyone knows membership is open to all. Albert Bates and Michael Traugot agree to revise the minutes into a short letter report suitable for publication.

It is suggested that we hold another meeting at the Harvest Festival in October.

Meeting adjourned at 3 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dorothy Bates

Secretary Pro Tem.